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Centralize Effortlessly.

Collaborate Intelligently.

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Discover the comprehensive solution that simplifies, optimizes, and elevates your legal department's operations. CounselLink+ redefines efficiency with integrated contract management, sophisticated analytics, and proprietary AI financial software.

Operational Agility

The fusion of CLM and matter management tools, supported by LexisNexis® Practical Guidance, maximizes your team's capacity to manage more with less.

Insightful Financial Management

Harness advanced analytics and AI financial tools for intelligent decision-making and legal spend optimization.

Unified Legal Workspace

CounselLink+ acts as your legal operations hub, integrating work intake, contract management, vendor relations, and outside counsel spend into a singular, customizable platform.

The CounselLink Advantage:
Tailored services in every package create a roadmap to make your legal department's goals attainable and sustainable, ensuring a journey of continuous improvement and success.